Learn the basics of doing new business?

Learn the basics of doing business?

* Learn to do business *

When Shah Sahib started a clothing business, he invited all his friends at home.

I greeted him and asked, “Shah ji! Your family has always been involved in the furniture business. “How did you get into the clothing business?”

Shah Ji smiled and said, “It is my misfortune that I did not know at first how wonderful the business of clothes is.

” Dad insisted to do the business of furniture, but I refused. It’s been two weeks, the clothing store has opened and customers are coming in droves. ”

When I met Shah Sahib again three months later, I asked, “How is Shah Ji’s shop doing?”

He chuckled and said, “Your prayers are killing a hundred chickens a day.”

I was confused, “Chickens ???”

But what is the use of chickens in Shahji’s clothes shop ???

Shah Ji was shocked and said, “Which clothes shop?”

Well, he turned out to be a great job. A friend had told him to start the work of chickens. Believe me, he is making so much profit that he can’t handle it. Should I ask for a bottle?

“I thanked him and came back.

Several days later, Shah Sahib happened to meet me while jogging in Model Town Park. He was looking very happy. I asked, “Shah ji!” how is job?

“The five of them are in the ghee,” he said, blinking his eyes. “Now you have kept the size of the children.”

Shocked, he said, “Chicks, which chickens, oh!” Well, well, that job of chickens, brother, it wasn’t a very frivolous job.

The shop is open in Liberty. The women have men’s and children’s shoes. There is a rush all the time.

I was sure that the next time I met Shah Ji, he would have started a new job, but it was not his turn. The next time he met me, he was working as a salesman in a company.

That they have started six different businesses and have sunk a fleet of 2.5 million and now it has sold out to their homes, so they are forced to work for 12,000.

You will also find many people whose office and business change after a while. What is the reason that even the businesses started with hard work, money and honesty are not running ???

The only reason is that we want to do any business that we don’t know about and we don’t like the work that we know about.

We see that a servant in the market opens a juice shop and as soon as he sees it he walks so far that he has now bought four more shops.

We immediately decide that we will also open a juice shop and the same. I’ll open it, but I don’t know why. His shop works, ours doesn’t.

Similarly, a relative or friend comes to us and advises us that UPS business is going on a lot these days. He tells us that if he had money, he would have started this business.

Goes and we say man if you invest in money will you give me time?

He immediately agrees, “We put the goods in the shop in his trust.”

In the beginning, they kill each other and as soon as the business starts, the grievances start to arise and in a few months, the two become separated.

The friend starts working with someone else and we smile They are left to wonder whether they know the work of UPS or the people involved in this field.

We open the office first and then think about what to do with it.

All our attention is focused on office decoration even though the concept of office is disappearing all over the world. People see your work, not the office.

We start a business and run it for a while even though we don’t know the job, but as soon as we start to understand the job, our patience runs out and we end the business.

We have a strange and well-known fact that if no other work is done in Pakistan, the work of food is definitely done. This is completely wrong.

Haven’t you seen many restaurants in your street, neighborhood, city open and then close?

Why didn’t they work?

The only reason is that we don’t even think about choosing a business. Many people don’t want to do their family work even though they have the skills and experience.

One of the reasons why business is not running is because we have too much self-confidence.

Sometimes this confidence takes the form of stubbornness. It is clear to us that our business can no longer run. We insist on running it for fear of being ridiculed by the world.

Inexperience and intolerance both destroy any business.

In the market near my house, a neighbor of mine opened a pizza shop. His shop was crowded day and night.

He was also generous with his heart so he used to eat free pizza to make his tour.

Six months later the shop closed. Nowadays he is serving as a delivery boy at a pizza shop.

There are some rules and ways to do business. Before starting any business, you must look at the people who are running the business successfully.

Most of these you will find people who have been doing the same business for years.

The benefit of this was that they also became contacts, got acquainted and became aware of the mysteries and secrets of the business.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

For example, if you want to open a yogurt shop, you have to make your own yogurt from start to finish, otherwise you will be at the mercy of employees and you will not know until the last minute why the business is losing money. ?


Everything that comes to us can be our best business. However, the choice of location is also of paramount importance. We will open a PCO in the cemetery or build a petrol pump on the fourth floor. To come !!!

You may have seen people start a business for the first time, they have no special experience in it, but still their business doubles and quadruples day and night.

Yes! It happens, but just like the prize bond of one in a million people comes out, so don’t wait for the door of fortune to open.

Break the wall and make way!!

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